Pareaki is.....

A group of friends getting together, hanging around, sharing. They live, love, laugh all together. They spend long summer days sharing one more thing: their pareaki love. As a “parea” they create together and from their special relationship a new brand was born: “Pareaki”. In your hands you have a piece from our collection, made especially for you and your ever lasting memories with your friends.



A new innovative and modern brand was born in 2016 by a group of friends. Pareaki is all about simplicity and cheerful summer living. 

As lovers of summer, we believe that our summer wardrobe should be fashionable, chic and colorful while at the same time simple and uncomplicated. Summer means escaping from the stressful everyday city life. Summer means having fun without having to bother.

Our collections are designed to provide an entire summer wardrobe in one piece, which can become different multipurpose items with just a twist.

Pareaki is a Greek brand that combines the precious elements of summer, the Mediterranean blue, the sunny Greek islands, the clear sky and the unspoiled beaches with creative fashion items. 

Every Pareaki product is made of high quality eco-friendly fabrics, features designs inspired by the Greek history and culture and is meant to be your best summer friend.

Find the one that inspires you and embark on a carefree summer!


In the power of a team we trust. And as a summer gang, we got together and created the ultimate fashion wardrobe inspired by summer, simplicity and Greece.


After completing my graduate and post-graduate studies in business management I started working in the fashion industry. For the last 12 years I have been working as a fashion writer and a stylist. Time has come for something new; something even more creative; something that could combine my personal taste with entrepreneurship. It is this need of mine that led to Pareaki, a collection that represents my idea of summer clothing.


I have always liked merging different fields of studies and careers. Pareaki is the offspring of International & European Studies, Costume & Stage Design studies along with long work experience in the Ancient and Modern Greek Theatre, event planning, fashion merchandising and (surprisingly!) real estate. My inspiring friends and our creative teamwork, the unique worldwide treasured Greek summer way of life and my need to travel light but look posh are what Pareaki symbolizes for me.