Asclepius Golden Foil on Black

asclepius- golden- foil- on -black- cotton .jpg
asclepius- golden- foil- on -black- cotton .jpg

Asclepius Golden Foil on Black

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An XL sized well-crafted pareo, designed to be your all day clothing. A sarong that can be wrapped around your body in multiple ways and become the perfect summer wardrobe essential.

• Screen Print Design Golden Foil on Black Cotton or Viscose
• Size: 175x115cm / 68,9''x45,3''
• 100% Cotton / 95% Viscose - 5% Lycra
• Care instructions: Hand wash cold - Iron on reverse side


Model Measurements
• Height: 1,78 cm / 5’10.1’’
• Bust: 90 cm / 2’11.4’’
• Waist: 75 cm / 2’5.5’’
• Hips: 93 cm / 3’0.6’’

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Each Pareaki comes along with a jute cordon in round brass endings serving as a belt, a useful guide with indicative ways of wrapping it and a tag with its unique reference to the Greek culture.

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Asclepius was a much–worshiped ancient Greek god of health and well–being. Continuous warfare and misery in the fourth and third centuries BC led people to seek more and more protection and help from Asclepius, the philanthropist god, making his sanctuary one of the richest of its time. Several important buildings were erected in his (as was known) birth place in Epidaurus, among them was Tholos.

Plan: circular building with outer colonnade of 26 Doric columns and inner colonnade of 14 Corinthian columns. Leading to the east entrance, which had windows at either side, was a ramp over the three–stepped platform. Beneath the floor of Tholos was a labyrinth reached by a hole in the center of the floor.

History: Also known as the Thymele, the activities of the cult of the Hero Asclepius took place here and the labyrinth below may have housed sacred snakes. Pausanias wrote that Polykleitos the Younger was the architect. The building had elaborately carved architectural elements and fine paving of black and white limestone.