Pyrgi Golden Powder on White


Pyrgi Golden Powder on White

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An XL sized well-crafted pareo, designed to be your all day clothing. A sarong that can be wrapped around your body in multiple ways and become the perfect summer wardrobe essential.

• Screen Print Golden Powder on White Cotton
• Size: 175x115cm / 68.9" x 45.3"
• 100% Cotton
• Hand wash cold - Iron on reverse side


Model Measurements
• Height: 1,78 cm / 5’10.1’’
• Bust: 90 cm / 2’11.4’’
• Waist: 75 cm / 2’5.5’’
• Hips: 93 cm / 3’0.6’’


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Each Pareaki comes along with a jute cordon in round brass endings serving as a belt, a useful guide with indicative ways of wrapping it and a tag with its unique reference to the Greek culture.



Often called as the “painted village”, Pyrgi, at the island of Chios, is a fortress like complex of narrow streets, tightly packed houses and arches with a ruined – dungeon at its centre. The entire village is one of the areas which still stands as it was built and it is one of the most popular medieval villages. 

It is famously known for the detailed decorative motives on the buildings facades. The distinctive graffito technique presents an impressive black and white geometrical décor. The outer layer of cement was painted white and then the geometric shapes (triangles, chevrons, circles, etc) were scraped away. This decorative technique reminds of the Italian graffiti.  The houses of Pyrgi are known as “xysta” and they actually captivate the visitor's eye.