Urchins Coral on White with Trimming


Urchins Coral on White with Trimming

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An XL sized well-crafted pareo, designed to be your all day clothing. A sarong that can be wrapped around your body in multiple ways and become the perfect summer wardrobe essential.

• Screen Print Coral on White Cotton
• Size: 175x115cm / 68.9" x 45.3"
• 100% Cotton
• Hand wash cold - Iron on reverse side


Model Measurements
• Height: 1,78 cm / 5’10.1’’
• Bust: 90 cm / 2’11.4’’
• Waist: 75 cm / 2’5.5’’
• Hips: 93 cm / 3’0.6’’


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Each Pareaki comes along with a jute cordon in round brass endings serving as a belt, a useful guide with indicative ways of wrapping it and a tag with its unique reference to the Greek culture.



Sea Urchins or Urchins, archaically called sea hedgehogs are small, globular animals that, with their close kin, such as sand dollars, constitute the class Echinoidea of the echinoderm phylum. About 950 species of echinoids inhabit all oceans. Common colours include black and dull shades of green, olive, brown, purple, blue and red. The presence of Urchin is considered to be evidence of clean sea waters. Urchin roe is a delicacy in many cuisines, like ours in Greece. 

Achinosalata Recipe - Ingredients
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Crusty bread for dunking
Sea Urchin roe, from five female sea Urchins